Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the Winner is!

The Winner of Hallie Rubenhold's book The Lady in Red/Lady Worsley's Whim is:


And the winner of Michelle Moran's new release Cleopatra's Daughter is:


Ladies please email me at scandalouswoman@gmail.com with your addresses, so that I can send you the books.

The next up to be given away is Debra Austin's The Daughter of Kura. Here's a sneak peek:

"At first, Snap was aware of a few background noises — a baby cried, the fire crackled, one of the older children laughed. Eventually, the other sounds disappeared, and she heard only the ancient rhythm of the drums, the dancers' voices, and the sounds of her own feet as they beat a path to an unclear future."

On the parched African earth more than half a million years ago sits the village of Kura, a matriarchal society of Homo erectus. Snap — a young, passionate woman of Kura — is destined to lead her people, and this year she must select a mate for the first time. Will she choose someone different each year, or will she find one mate she wants to pick over and over again, like her mother, Whistle, the next leader of Kura? As the Bonding ceremony approaches, Snap's future remains unknown. But Whistle, when her mate doesn't return, chooses a stranger with ideas far more dangerous than the lions that kill with a single slash.

Both imaginative and believable, Daughter of Kura astonishingly brings to life an ancient and untamed world. Austin has created an unforgettable heroine who comes of age in a thrilling tale of courage, loyalty, and passion.

Just leave a comment before September 16 and you'll be entered to win.

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