Friday, June 8, 2012

If Obama Had Done More for The Recall Than Lift His Little Finger In A Tweet

If Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party, had done more than lift his little finger to tweet support for the recall, both the results in Wisconsin and the future of workers' rights, might well have turned out vastly different. Will labor return the favor and confine their support to a tweet for Obama in November?

The Recall that Wasn’t by Mark Serafinn: 

Luckily the Democratic National Committee saw the potential disaster and mobilized all of its resources to win this election for labor, one of its main supporters. President Obama suspended his own campaign fundraising and instead concentrated on the Wisconsin battle, raising millions to battle the $18 million Scott Walker pulled in from conservative groups like the Koch brothers. The president sent his ground operation to Wisconsin to knock on every door and make sure every Democrat made it to the polls as they did in 2008. 

It was a great sight as Air Force One landed in Madison with the president and first lady, who threw their support behind the candidates fighting for labor’s cause. President Obama’s speeches in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and La Crosse were the tipping point and by June 5 the election was secured. 

Alas, but a dream. The inaction by the Democrats and Obama has set the labor movement back 50 years, not just in Wisconsin but all across the country as Republicans will seek to copy the Walker playbook. This disaster could have been avoided.

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