Monday, July 30, 2012

NBC-FAIL: World Watches Olympics LIVE, Except In U.S. Where It's All About NBC Greed

NBC doesn't want to hear the criticism about its pretense that its 1950's style 7-hour delay of the Olympics is LIVE coverage.

So the corporate bully gags a journalist. 
And then there are the many embarrassing geographical mistakes and mispronouncements spouted by overpaid NBC broadcasters.

As people keep pointing out, the Olympics is news! NBC somehow manages to cover other live sports LIVE. We're used to the governing ethos of GREED here in the USA, but when it goes global, it's painfully embarrassing:

NBCFail continues in earnest - Today Show promo shows her with her Gold Medal BEFORE they show the race 

Top news #NBCFail: Journalist at The Independent has Twitter account suspended after complaining..

Canadians can watch #London2012 LIVE coverage on CTV network. CTV then replays coverage during Prime Time. Learn NBC Learn. #nbcfail

Dear NBC, thank u 4 playing all those commercials during the olympic opening ceremonies. I almost forgot how shitty network tv is.

Oh God. They called Luxembourg "a small central european country." Someone get these people a map.

OUTRAGE! Morons at NBC get UK journalist booted off @Twitter for complaining about their crap #olympics coverage! #NBCfail

#saveguyadams @NBCOlympics hosts are making Borat jokes about Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, citizens of Kazakhstan get to watch the events LIVE.

#nbcfail Ryan Lochte could cure cancer during a race & NBC would air it 6 hours later with the cure portion removed for a Seacrest interview

#NBCFail BREAKING: USA wins gold medal in synchronized NBC bashing. Tune in to NBC tomorrow for coverage of the event.

#NBCfail NBC: Will Pearl Harbor be attacked? Find out tonight in primetime!

#nbcfail Upset with the #NBCFail terrible #Olympic2012 online coverage? Solution: watch the BBC, here is how:

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