Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Right-Wingers Shriek: Obama's Use of Word 'Forward' Proves He's a Dirty Commie

The latest right-wing hysteria-invoking high drama is all about how long-ago communists once used the word "Forward" as a slogan and now Obama is too, so, gosh, gee, Obama must be a commie too! 

Gawd. Well at least Saturday Night Live has some hilarious new material.  Will right-wingers ever get beyond their maniacal obsession with communism?  I doubt it. 

In a sane world, all right-wing comrades would be locked up in a specially made looney-bin, but then whatever  would late night comics do?

Right-Wing Claims Obama’s New Campaign Slogan Reveals His Secret Communist And/Or Fascist Allegiances  

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