Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland Gassed and Shot in the Face with Rubber Bullets by Rioting Police: The Video

This is not what democracy looks like.

I've just spoken to Keith Shannon, roommate of Scott Olsen, the Iraq veteran who is in hospital after apparently having been hit in the head by a police projectile. Shannon said doctors told him Olsen has a "skull fracture and swelling of the brain".

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The world needs to know that Oakland PD is tear gassing the elderly, the disabled, children, and the press. #PoliceState #OccupyOakland #OWS

Occupy Tennessee

Note From Nashville, TN to Oakland, CA Mayor Jean Quan: The world is watching your strategy of attacking peaceful protestors, including women and children, with chemical weapons. I mourn your lack of empathy and statesmanship. You are committing a political suicide, as is any elected official siding with violence. Our mayor here in Nashville is considering providing us port-a-potties. Why not engage in benevolence instead of violence? These folks are advocating for restoring true democracy, and you are responding with fascist, violent action. Remember, the WORLD is watching. This is not a local event. You can call city of Oakland: 510-444-CITY

Oakland Mayor Takes Heat on Facebook After Police Fire Tear Gas at OWS Protesters

Occupy Oakland: Mayor Jean Quan in Big Trouble After Riot

Tension remains after "Occupy Oakland" clashes

Recall Jean Quan Effort Begins in Oakland

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